Nus Ghani

Why did Sussex vote for Nus Ghani?

Look at her voting record in Parliament

(according to:

► Consistently voted against improving environmental water quality
Generally voted against measures to prevent climate change
► Consistently voted against greater regulation of fracking.
► Consistently voted against improving air quality
Almost always voted against the preservation of environmental protections after withdrawal from the EU
Consistently voted against higher taxes on banks
Consistently voted against stronger fire safety measures
Consistently voted for authorising criminal conduct by undercover officers and covert sources
Generally voted against requiring imported goods to meet domestic standards
Consistently voted against a publicly owned railway system
Generally voted against more powers for local councils


Wealden Planning -

“Welcome to Ashdown Gardens – Discover life in an idyllic countryside setting”

Another blot on the landscape – more crappy housing given planning permission by Wealden Council.

The sales brochure says: “At Linden Homes, environmental responsibility means a great deal to us, which is why each of our new housing developments are built upon sustainable living principles. As such, when stepping out of your front door you’ll find ample green spaces, wildflowers and hedgerows to encourage the local ecosystem.WTF are they talking about!? They’ve just bulldozed the local ecosystem, there isn’t a Solar Panel in sight and every house has a gas boiler and a stupid little patch of sterile turf. Some of them even have pretend chimneys OMG!

Uckfield Art Group - The Results!

Thank you if you were one of the two hundred and thirty five visitors who supported Uckfield Art Group’s Summer Exhibition on 1st June. The artist with the most votes for a single image and the winner of the Tom Broad Trophy was Samantha Bromley. Sam gained twelve votes for “White Horse Study”. In Joint Second with ten votes were Samantha Bromley “Fluffy Birman Cat”, Sharon Saunders with “Harmonious Music” and Fiona Flower with “Sprinkled With Fairy Dust”. In Third Place with nine votes was Michael Raho’s “Morning Light”. As you can see it was very close!

There was a huge range of delicious home made cakes and savouries and even sandwiches this time. Quite a few people enjoyed them so much they asked for some to be wrapped to take home too!

Children had fun on the “Have A Go Table” and proudly took their creations home with them! Lots of sales were made regarding art, cards and items from the craft stalls. All in all it was deemed a great success. The next opportunity to see what the art group has been up to will be at the Autumn Exhibition on Saturday 16th November so please put the date in your diary and a reminder on your Mobile phone!!

Thank you for choosing to support Uckfield Art Group when you play the Wealden Community Lottery. At the time of writing the group has received £366 from fifty percent of ticket sales. There is a top prize of twenty five thousand pounds! www.facebook/uckfieldartgroup
Fiona Flower

Sheffield Park, Uckfield

Lake Wood, Uckfield

A very secluded Woodland Trust wild area just outside Uckfield town. “Once part of the Rocks Estate, the mix of natural and manmade features at Lake Wood create dramatic and beautiful views. Look out for the rocky sandstone outcrops with high cliffs that overhang the picturesque 3-acre lake and the cave-like boathouse carved out of rock, as well as signs of the wildlife that this varied woodland supports.

High Street - before flood defences

The town flooded very badly July 2007 with rescue boats seen motoring in the High Street. There is a Facebook Group dedicated to Uckfield flooding.

UCKFIELD.CO.UK was established way back in Jan 2000 – four years before FaceBook! Our mission from the start was to provide a centre point for anybody with an interest in the TN22 area.

We provided free pages for local associations, clubs and charities. Our Noticeboard and Guest Book became very popular especially with people researching family trees or looking for old friends from the area. But regretfully the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  act has now made it impossible to continue this service.

The World has changed a lot since 2000, and local community sites are rapidly losing their raison d’etre. It’s hardly worth maintaining a list of local businesses, restaurants, clubs, etc when Google has everything indexed, mapped and reviewed. Facebook has become ‘The Internet’ for a vast section of society and along with other social media has nullified the need for me to continue with notices and message boards.

It’s unfortunate that Facebook has failed to become that platform which promised to level society and distribute power for the good of all. Nowadays it seems people are most amused by pets doing stupid things, and couldn’t care less (while scrolling down for the next amusing snippet) that it’s become a tool for powerful actors interfering with society and the way we think.

So here we are at the start of 2024 looking for a reason to exist – any ideas will be gratefully received.

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Good Law Project


Due to a tax break from HMRC, private equity fund managers earning vast – seven or eight figure – salaries pay just 28% tax on their income where primary school teachers and nurses pay 40% including National Insurance Contributions (NICs). This loophole wasn’t made by Parliament – but by HMRC after successful lobbying from the private equity industry in 1987.

We are campaigning to close the private equity tax loophole. And we need your help.

Whilst the private equity loophole enables fund managers to withhold £600 million per year from HMRC, private equity also harms our public services in more direct ways.

In the last two decades, private equity firms have bought out more and more of the UK’s elderly care homes, children’s homes, and nurseries. By 2019, 50,000 UK care homes were owned by private equity-backed operators. Private equity firm managers primarily make their profits by engaging in ‘leverage buyouts’: they buy companies with borrowing, and then pay off the debt using the company’s assets and cash flow. Being bought in a leveraged by-out significantly increases a company’s risk of going bust.

The evidence also shows that private equity buy outs mean hugely increased prices for essential care – and often falling standards too – as the owners try to squeeze these vital public services for cash to repay the borrowing.

What’s more, of the five largest private equity-owned or backed care providers, four have owners based in a tax haven, meaning they are able to withhold still more tax from HMRC.

If you agree that the richest among us should be made to pay their fair share of tax, support our campaign by signing this petition:

Good Law Project only exists thanks to donations from people across the UK. If you’re in a position to support our work, you can do so here. 





Good Law Project
3 East Point High St Sevenoaks Kent TN15 0EG
More VIP PPE Deals

More VIP PPE Deals

We can reveal that the newly-appointed Conservative Party chairman, Greg Hands, helped Luxe Lifestyle Ltd, a company closely associated with the then Chair of his local constituency party, Mark Higton, land a £25m ‘VIP’ PPE deal. This is despite the company having no experience in providing...

The cottage industry of Tories

The cottage industry of Tories

    An investigation we’ve been carrying out has just uncovered the huge profits made by a former dog food vendor in the unlawful 'VIP Lane' PPE scandal. Zoe Ley brokered two multimillion dollar contracts for Hong Kong-based Worldlink Resources, and her company made an eye-watering...

WTF is going on?

WTF is going on?

  More shady Deals? - a tiny and obscure company called Place Group (with TWO employees!!)  gets awarded an eye-watering £70,000,000,000 framework agreement seemingly to help with the country’s Net Zero aspirations. This contract was offered by the equally unheard of firm East of England...

Open Democracy

Open Democracy

Revealed: The elite dining club behind £130m+ donations to the Tories Private dinners, access to ministers, honours – openDemocracy lifts the lid on the exclusive group bankrolling the Conservatives. Shadow minister calls for transparency on ‘cash for access’. Read More Here:

WTF is going on?

The Good Law Project news

Cash for the Tories buys you access. And access means cash from the public purse. That’s the abysmal two-step that channels public cash to Party donors. All of this happened secretly through the VIP backchannels for PPE and Test and Trace contracts unearthed by Good Law Project. But now the...

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