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UCKFIELD.CO.UK was established way back in Jan 2000 – four years before FaceBook! Our mission from the start was to provide a centre point for anybody with an interest in the TN22 area. 

We provided free pages for local associations, clubs and charities. Our Noticeboard and Guest Book became very popular especially with people researching family trees or looking for old friends from the area. But regretfully the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  act has now made it impossible to continue this service.

The World has changed a lot since 2000 and Facebook has become ‘The Internet’ for a vast number of people. Facebook has failed to become that platform which promised to level society and distribute power. Nowadays it seems people are most amused by pets doing stupid things, and it’s barely noticeable while scrolling down for the next amusing snippet that FB has become a tool for powerful actors using it to interfere with society and the way we think.

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