Nov 17th 2015
We are extremely lucky in Sussex to have access to so many  AED machines, which can potentially  save lives. (If people know how to use them)

A cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. A person’s chance of survival falls by about 10% for each minute that passes without defibrillation.

We are a local First Aid Instructor company called First Aid Direct, we cover both Sussex & Kent. We are a registered training centre with Qualsafe,  (Centre Number 906184) whom are regulated by Ofqual.   We  are fully insured to run first Aid Courses.

We are  running AED & CPR courses which cover a range of emergency first aid to teach people how to:

  • Deal with a choking casualty,  Adult child and baby
  • How to place someone in a recovery position
  • How to perform CPR  on adults, children and babies
  • How to deal with a Heart and Angina attack
  • Heart rhythms and when someone needs a shock from an AED
  • How to use a AED on an adult, child and baby
  • Safety when using a AED
  • Reporting AED usage
  • Post traumatic stress (Following an unsuccessful resuscitation)
  • Survival rates of AED usage

The course is a day course  (people who successfully complete the course would receive a Qualsafe Awards Certificate) I am advertising the AED & CPR courses in the local community (charity shops and church halls.)

Every second matters and this course is designed to give  confidence to act quickly and effectively. Most importantly, the course will also teach defibrillator operators how to perform effective CPR.

I am running scheduled courses over the next 3 months. It can be a work course, a group of friends or individuals that wish to know how to perform CPR and use an AED

We also run other courses: Paediatric First Aid, Emergency Paediatric First Aid, Emergency First Aid and First Aid At Work.

Kind regards

First Aid Direct