The cottage industry of Tories



An investigation we’ve been carrying out has just uncovered the huge profits made by a former dog food vendor in the unlawful ‘VIP Lane’ PPE scandal. Zoe Ley brokered two multimillion dollar contracts for Hong Kong-based Worldlink Resources, and her company made an eye-watering £17.6m net profit in its first year of trading.

Ley partnered with former Conservative Party MP, Brooks Newmark, to lobby Matt Hancock and other ministers on behalf of Worldlink resources.

Newmark emailed Matt Hancock in May 2020 urging him to “support” and “help” make the controversial deal happen. Hancock and his special advisors promptly pushed the deal along and Worldlink Resources subsequently found themselves in the VIP lane – becoming one of the biggest winners of PPE contracts.

Good Law Project previously revealed that Worldlink Resources won their mammoth PPE contracts after being referred onto the VIP lane by former Cabinet Minister, Lord Agnew. Furthermore, documents we obtained have uncovered serious questions about the usefulness of the PPE provided. Tens of millions of the goggles procured under the £178m deal could end up going to waste.

What is slowly emerging – and there is more to come – is that we haven’t been told the truth about the VIP lane. There was a whole cottage industry of Tories making referrals into the VIP lane for commission.

We will continue to investigate and uncover more and more of the VIP lane scandal.

Good Law Project Team