The Aspiration well being programme is run by the charity Porchlight and is targeted at residents in the Uckfield area who fit a certain criteria. The criteria is that the individual feels their mental health is a barrier, not in work and not volunteering and getting no support from other agencies for their mental health. Its aimed at those who have fallen through the net and become “invisible” to services.

Are your feelings or worries affecting your prospects? If you live in Kent or East Sussex and are struggling to cope with everyday life, we can help you:

  • Manage your circumstances & mental health
  • Regain your independence
  • Get into work, volunteering or education.

If you are not working and feel as though you are living with a mental health condition or life is getting on top of you, our free Aspirations service can provide support. We’ll help you regain independence and live a life where mental health or negative feelings don’t stand in your way.

Aspirations can help you to rediscover your confidence, find ways to cope with your mental health & wellbeing, feel less isolated / become more social, and get into work, volunteering or education.

Whatever your circumstances, we won’t judge you. What we discuss will remain confidential.

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