Saturday and Sunday 2nd & 3rd December, 11 – 4pm

Studio Philomena, 7 Baker Street, TN22 5BJ. Proceeds from teas go to the East Sussex Foster Carer’s Association.

Philomena’s Uckfield art studio is open again for one weekend only this December. With her new 3D vision, the art work is currently racing through the territory of ‘women as vessels’ – female figurines made up of traditionally thrown, domestic ware. But this time, they will be dancing!

The “Yellow Flower” candlestick holders, reflect the lights in winter that draw us in when the nights have drawn in; they promise warmth and cheer from the cold and the drear – like a moth to a flame.

Come along- these candlestick holders have to be seen to be believed. You may even stumble across something perfect for a perfect someone? Come and see the creations and join Philomena for something heart-warming and stories by the fireside.

N.B. Small exuberant, rushing around people will need a tight lead due to the pottery content, any other small people welcome. Please be fully aware that you will be entering a working studio. The lane is uneven, there are stairs, the internal stairs (which needn’t necessarily be utilised), are steep and there is no handrail. On accepting my invitation you enter at your own risk.

Parking: Please park at the top of the road (free parking) and take the short walk down the lane Disability parking only at the property.