WTF is going on?


More shady Deals? – a tiny and obscure company called Place Group (with TWO employees!!)  gets awarded an eye-watering


framework agreement seemingly to help with the country’s Net Zero aspirations.

This contract was offered by the equally unheard of firm East of England Broadband Network (E2BN) – Who controls this company?

No one is in control of this company!

E2BN has declared that no single person or other company has 25% or more ownership or voting rights, and that no one has any significant influence or control over the company.

Good Law Project filed a judicial review in August demanding that E2BN be transparent about the deal, and fill in the gaps left behind. This ’Everything Net Zero’ agreement would have allowed Place Group the opportunity to control how projects aimed at reducing the country’s carbon emissions were tendered from the entire public sector – from local government offices to the NHS.

In response to their legal action, E2BN has now pulled the billion-pound framework agreement with Place Group, citing “commercial expediency” in the face of a potential trial.